Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to escape from poverty?

May be you already noticed there are quite some of people keep emphasized EQ if you want to be rich! Why EQ matters? EQ becomes extremely important when you take part of this game.

First, analyse which category you are now. E/S/B/I If you are in E or S category, roughly calculate your monthly expenses, eg: housing fee, car loan, foods, petrol, insurance, utilities, etc. Now, you minus out from your total monthly income. How much is left? Wealth need to be built, and time is limited. If you already have family, and you don't have sufficient bravery to jump out directly from E/S category. This little remaining is crucial! To become rich, you need this little amount to roll. Almost 90% of people fall behind as they don't realize inflation deteriorated their bank balance. Rough estimation, inflation comes 6% annually. 

So, with this remaining, what you can do? First attend classes. Learn skills that make you more businessman. But my recommend will be sales techniques! Sales technique will benefit you, because you'll need it no matter when and where, as long as you want to sale anything including yourself!

Second, you can start some small cap business to sell your service. Apply what you learn from classes. You need to practice them in real world, only then you can keep improving until you can manage big business and client in future. On the other hand, you not only practicing your skill, you will learn how to build your system. MC Donald has a best business system in the world, agree? This system works itself, generating money every second.

But this is a too far, let us come back to small business. You sales, you practice, you build your network, so that your small business can grow.

Now, EQ come to place, where EQ shows it's importance of how you control your emotions when you try to face different kind of people. How you gonna hold the situation where people scold at you? How you approach strangers to sell your product? You will experience different torment everyday! EQ level let your eyes keep clear when you are in extreme environment. Rational analysis always come to your mind.

Strong EQ needed before you to enter the share market. Share market is very exciting for all the beginner. 90% people lost money on their very early stage. Final stage of every rich man did was invest. They don't really work, but generate lots of money. Perfect example: Warren Buffet, 20% CAGR makes billions billions of dollar. However, before all this may be, what you need was a plan now!! 

Make a plan if you don't have a plan yet!

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