Thursday, December 17, 2015

8 techniques to sales successfully, Sales King, To become king of sales

1) Name card

You always need a deck of name card, distribute to every people you met.

2) SMS 

You need to sign a unlimited plan in order to save the cost.
- Contacts that you already have.
- Newspaper (check ecode from google)
- anywhere you can get contacts.

3) House Shopping

Explore the nearby garden which you lived. You will always get the best first-hand information from there.

4) Flyers

Flyers need to be red in color. Having your contacts and it should look attractive Take photos as much as possible when you distribute flyers as well as talk with residences. If saw an empty house, try to ask neighbor.

5) Banners

If there's an empty house, you can put banner to bait the owner to contact you.

6) Creative board

Put creative board on the street pole is illegal. You will need an illegal contact on the creative board. Do this at Thursday night. Wear as casual as can be.

7) Internet or Social Media




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