Thursday, April 14, 2016

3 Months After Joining as Property Agent in KL

To be honest, I'm way too confident on myself when I'm just joined. I committed myself to at least closing RM2.0 million every month. Heart pumping and I think I could achieve.

I thought I going to be very top in this sector as I could be very hardworking, determined and quality.

My first month, January performance was not bad. RM1.31 million for 2 case closed. Not bad huh, one more case maybe I could hit my target already.

Febuary, I was so tensed because almost everyone has case close. I work hard everyday, I mean as hard as I could. And thanks god, I able to get 1 case close on the last day of Feb and it was 29th. RM550K closed. Further from my target.

March, same. I work as hard as I could. Work roadshow almost everyday. On the last week of March I have not getting any case close. But so what man, I got 7 appointments that week. I thought at least I could get 1 case close from there. Unfortunately, all failed. Zero for the month of March.


Of course I was unlike everyone. I knew that if 2 case closed, that was not the end of story yet! I need to let them convert. Luckily, one of it has already converted. RM11K commission after deduct all fees.

As far I knew, one of very best my colleagues, she's no doubt a top sales in our group. But she told me, 18 case closed in 3 months, only 4 were converted.

There's a huge sound in my heart. 18 case closed!! I have only 3 cases... I couldn't imagine how I'm going to be if this happen to me. I prayed everyday. Hope god can hear my voice, always protect me and led me.

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